Do Not Let Your Taste in life,

or wine, Grow Mundane

What we do:

Vino Vagabond is a source of extraordinary wine for those who are tired of a unvaried selection that lacks story and character. It gives you an option to drink something outside of the repetitive selection, and the chance to get a more complete story than what reading the label in a store can offer. We are a wine store and an importation company. We are a way for producers to communicate their story directly to you. We are an education platform for those curious, an outlet for your wanderlust, and a means to let your taste roam away from the norm. We want you to join us along the way. Embrace your inner Vino Vagabond.

Special Thanks


           My name is Luke Knight, and I am the founder of Vino Vagabond. I started the company as a way to continue my passion of first-hand learning about different cultures, and sharing what they have to offer, with other people back home. None of that would be possible without the interest and support of people like yourself. Thank you for taking the time to discover a bit about the wine makers that I admire, and the places that they call home. There are countless options of things you could buy to fill your glass; it brings me great joy in knowing that the story behind the label matters to more people than just myself. I would also like to give a big thank you to my close friends and family for the countless hours that you have spent listening to me rant about all things wine. Words cannot begin to show my appreciation for all of your support as I moved all over the world to work in the wine industry and further my knowledge. It is a funny and humbling thing to try and explain my obsession with this fermented grape juice to other people. Being so closely tied into a region’s food, history, climate, and people, I am not sure if there is a more accurate physical representation of culture itself. Somehow my parents always understood this belief of mine and have never questioned it; for that I am eternally grateful. I have a degree in Enology from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, a Master of Science in Wine from Euromaster Vinifera (Montpellier, France and Madrid, Spain), a level four diploma from the London Wine Spirit Education Trust, and the title “Weinakademiker” from the Austrian Wine Academy. Aside from diplomas, degrees, and titles, I have worked four harvests throughout California and one harvest in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I’ve worked in wine bars, tasting rooms, and even as a wine broker selling canned wine out of the back of my old beat-up Ford Explorer. It took me many years before I found a way to combine my love for story telling with my passion for the wine industry. My special thanks to you for joining me on the voyage and traveling by taste!

Founder of Vino Vagabond