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Listán Negro Maceración Carbónica


Produced By: Los Bermejos

Carbonic Maceration is a natural enzymatic reaction that happens when grapes are left in warm environments without any oxygen. Avoiding the wine geek jargon, this Listán Negro Maceración Carbónica is much lighter and fruity in style than the Listán Negro Maceración Tradicional Barrica. Don’t let the shorter aging potential and fruit forward style fool you, this wine has a quality that rivals it’s more traditional counterpart.

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Key Features



13.5% ABV




Listán Negro



Tasting Notes

Ripe strawberry, white pepper, and raspberry all hit your nose; while soft smooth tannins and a volcanic minerality dances across your tongue. While it is an extremely light and approachable red wine, the body and amount of layers make it a far cry from other simple carbonic maceration wines like Beaujolais Nouveau. Think a Pinot Noir that means serious business, has a much curvier body (more weight on the palate), and a spicy sassy side.

Pairing Options

Most red sauce pasta dishes, pork, or ham would go well with this wine. Potatoes are a staple food in my life and no matter how you cook 'em, this bad boy plays nicely with spuds in all shapes and sizes. Could even go well with some ceviche if you're feeling a bit wild.

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