Los Bermejos

Listán Negro Tradicional Barrica


Produced By: Los Bermejos

The flagship red wine of Los Bermejos. Aged for 5 months in French oak barrels, this wine has a bit more concentration, structure, and complexity than the more fruit-forward and spicy Maceración Carbónica Listán Negro. A great introduction to Canary Island wines for those who like to fill their glasses with vinos tintos.

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Key Features



13% ABV




Listán Negro



Tasting Notes

This Listán Negro won't dry your mouth out like a tannic Cabernet Sauvignon, but it'll be a bit more bold than your grandma's Pinot Noir. The nose has aromas of dark chocolate, clove, cranberry, and ripe plum. On the palate the wine has silky smooth tannins that are countered with a slight peppery spice and notes of tobacco. This wine could be served room temperature or slightly chilled depending on your preference, but it definitely is served best in good company.

Pairing Options

A true island wine that goes great with duck, barbecued octopus, or goat... if you're fresh out of those ingredients, I'd recommend any cured meats or sausage.

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This variety pack, from Los Bermejos, highlights the importance of grape skin contact during the winemaking process. See for yourself how a rosé, carbonic maceration, and traditional red wine; all vary in taste. A perfect opportunity for at home tastings.

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