Los Bermejos

Listán Negro Rosado


Produced By: Los Bermejos

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Key Features



13.5% ABV




Listán Negro



Tasting Notes

Aromas of strawberry, lemon, and blood orange are balanced by a complex palate and lingering finish. This wine will prove that some rosés can be taken much more seriously than just something to chug under the hot sun. This wine has a very low level of residual sugar and is far from that semi-sweet white zinfandel or box of Franzia that may come to your mind when thinking of a rosé.

Pairing Options

Fresh salmon, a big ol' charcuterie board, or niçoise salad would all pair quite well if you're feeling bouisey. If you're like me though, this wine goes pretty great with most of Amy's frozen pizza brands.

Save Money With Our Variety Pack From Los Bermejos

This variety pack, from Los Bermejos, highlights the importance of grape skin contact during the winemaking process. See for yourself how a rosé, carbonic maceration, and traditional red wine; all vary in taste. A perfect opportunity for at home tastings.


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